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Title: In the Beginning was Pre-Evangelism: An Examination of Francis Schaeffer’s Doctrine of Creation as an Apologetic

Author: Christopher Talbot

Institution / Affiliation:Welch College, USA


Much of modern apologetic discussion regarding the Genesis account emphasizes the debate on the age of the Earth. Because of this shift in focus, a bifurcation is seen between the doctrine of Creation (a theological concern) and views of creationism (an apologetic con cern). While these areas certainly have distinct foci, one wonders whether the division has been unnecessarily amplified, specifically with two so closely related fields of research. Considering current divisions, one wonders how Creation and creationism can be best understood in relation to one anoth er, particularly as it relates to apologetics. To explore this query, Francis Schaeffer offers a unique perspective of the connection between Creation and creationism. Therefore, this paper will argue that for Francis Schaef fer, his doctrine of Creation (instead of creationism) offered a foundational framework for his apologetic and evangelistic method.


Francis Schaeffer, Creation, Creationism, Apologetics, Evangelism



Theofilos 2021-1/2

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Published by NLA University College

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