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Title: Apologetics: Learning from C. S. Lewis

Author: Alister E. McGrath

Institution / Affiliation: Oxford University



This article introduces the world-famous Oxford academic and author C.S. Lewis as a Christian apologist. Aiming at clarity and conviction, Lewis produced a series of works aimed at communicating the reasonableness of Christianity to his own generation.
Lewis’s intelligent and persuasive approach to Christianity is grounded in his core belief that Christianity makes sense of life. It commends itself by its reasonableness. For Lewis, Christianity offers a ‘big picture’ which weaves together the strands of experience and observation into a compelling pattern.
Thus, apologetics is not simply about trying to persuade people that Christianity is right; it is about showing that it is relevant and existentially meaningful, able to engage life’s deepest questions and give rich and satisfying answers.



Theofilos 2022-1/2

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