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Title: En by og en familie som på 1800-tallet ble preget av Hans Nielsen Hauges virksomhet

Author: Live Danbolt Drange

Institution / Affiliation: NLA Høgskolen



The focus of the article is the development of Christian life in Kristiansand from Hans Nielsen Hauge placed some of his followers in the city at the beginning of the 19th century and they eventually met in the Noremsalen. From this hall came a diverse lay business, a business that has left traces in mission work both in Norway and in the world. "It is beyond human ability to measure the significance of the Noremsalen and the values it has created. It does not belong to us. But a word from the Holy Book comes alive in this connection Sak. 4:10: Who will despise the day of the beginning” (Jensen 1964, 35). The article follows a family that for several generations has carried the Hauge legacy through work for and in internal and external missions. The main emphasis is on the article author's grandparents on the mother's side, who were the first in the family to become strongly involved in the town's prayer house activities and mission work. The article shows how their commitment was continued by a woman in each generation, through mission organizations the Abrahamsen couple also worked for. It also shows how the view of women's participation in missionary work has changed from a lack of participation to full participation.


Haugianere,1800-tallet, Kristiansand, Kristenliv, misjon



Theofilos 2022-1/2

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