Section: academia

Title: Guds aktualitet: Kirkefedrene og den greske logos

Author: Ståle Johannes Kristiansen

Institution / Affiliation: NLA Høgskolen, Norge



This article discusses the relation between early Christian theology and ancient Greek philosophy. It is structured in two parts: First I look closer at the background of the term Logos used in the prologue of The Gospel of John and discuss the way this term was given a new meaning in the Christian context. Secondly, I give a more principal evaluation of the relation between Christian theology and Greek philosophy, with the 6th Century author Dionysius the Areopagite as case study. In this part of the article, I argue that the writings of Dionysius should not be understood as platonic philosophy under a thin veil of Christian terminology. On the contrary it should be interpreted as an original yet genuine Christian contribution to ancient thought.


Early Christianity, Logos, Dionysius the Areopagite, Platonism, Theology of Language



Theofilos 2022-1/2

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Published by NLA University College

In partnership with Johannelund School of Theology