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Title: How convincing is the case for God? The ‘Finnes Gud?‘ television series offers you the chance to assess it!

Author: Iain Morris

Institution / Affiliation: Kharis Production Ltd, Glasgow


There are times in life when one is conscious of a ‘wake-up call’. I seem to encounter them quite regularly and they tend to impact my life and my priorities.
One memorable example was the first time I encountered Richard Dawkins on television. In a series on prime time on the UK’s Channel 4, he presented a series called The Root of All Evil? While the Bible claims that the root of (all kinds of) evil is the love of money, Dawkins implied it was religion – Christianity included. According to Dawkins, the insistence on there being a God is Medieval – fit only for a time when we had a more primitive understanding of science. Can there be anything more damaging than substituting science with magic? Can there be anything more destructive of intelligence and civilisation than teaching innocent children that there is a creator God who intended to bring the universe into existence – especially since we can show it achieved that all by itself!
What amazed me about this Dawkins TV series is that it broke all the rules of balanced broadcasting. Interviews that had been conducted with Christian theologians and/or scientists, ended up in the trash bin.
Because of that indirect encounter, I went on to produce a TV series called The God Question. It is available with Norwegian subtitles as Finnes Gud? More in a moment.


15.12. 2020

15.12. 2020

Theofilos Supplement 2020-1

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