Welcome to the first open access issue of Theofilos

Stefan Lindholm /pp. 1-2

Introducing the Theofilos Supplement issue on Science, Natural Theology, and Christian Apologetics

Peter S. Williams, Guest Editor / pp.  2-3


peer-reviewed articles / vitenskapelige publikasjoner

Approaching Genesis and science: Hermeneutical principles and a case study

Jens Bruun Kofoed / pp. 4-23

How did sin enter the world? In dialogue with natural science

Gunnar Innerdal / pp. 24-45

The apologetic fruitfulness of a revised natural theology

Knut-Willy Sæther / pp. 46-55

How to formulate the fine-tuning argument for the existence of God?

Atle Ottesen Søvik / pp. 56-65

Intelligent design and natural theology

Steinar Thorvaldsen / pp. 66-84

Scientific rebuttals to ‘ancient aliens’ as popular alternatives to biblical history

Peter S. Williams / pp. 85-111

‘Unraveling the mystery’: Assessing The Big Bang Theory as a secular fictional universe

Ingvild Thu Kro and Margunn Serigstad Dahle / pp. 112-137


Natural theology and science in contemporary apologetic context: An overview

Peter S. Williams / pp. 138-161

Science and faith: Friendly allies, not hostile enemies

John Lennox / pp. 162-165

Freedoms and limitations: C. S. Lewis and Francis Schaeffer as a tag team

C. John (“Jack”) Collins / pp. 166-183

Exploring Genesis 1-3 as a true worldview story: Reading alongside Francis A. Schaeffer, C. S. Lewis, and C. John Collins

Bjørn Hinderaker and Lars Dahle / pp. 184-195


Four dozen key resources on apologetics and natural theology in an age of science

Peter S. Williams / p. 196-200

nota bene

How convincing is the case for God? The ‘Finnes Gud?‘ television series offers you the chance to assess it!

Iain Morris / pp. 201-207

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