Section: academia

Title: The apologetic fruitfulness of a revised natural theology

Author: Knut-Willy Sæther

Institution / Affiliation: Volda University College


This article explores the epistemological locus of a revised natural theology (RNT) and examines the apologetic fruitfulness of this concept. In the current science-religion dialogue, RNT is advocated by scholars such as John Polkinghorne. I argue in this article that RNT partakes of the nature of faith and can be labelled as theological metaphysics. The apologetic output is then mainly seen as a contribution to constructing a coherent philosophical-theological understanding of reality. For being able to do this, we need to acknowledge a wider epistemological framework for RNT. One step is to rephrase the underlying critical realism to a constructive critical realism. This approach takes better into account the complexity of our reality. Thus, the apologetic fruitfulness can be evaluated against other competitive coherent systems at a transdisciplinary level.


15.12. 2020

15.12. 2020

Theofilos Supplement 2020-1

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Published by NLA University College

In partnership with Johannelund School of Theology