Section: academia

Title: Jesus som själavårdare: Ett hermeneutiskt teologiskt studium

Author: Lars-Göran Sundberg

Institution / Affiliation: Johannelunds teologiska högskola


This article is an investigation of how to understand the concept of “Jesus as counselor” as it pertains to the hermeneutical gap between the historical Jesus and present day praxis of pastoral care. The expression “do like Jesus” is put into a critical discussion in the light of the New Testament understanding of Jesus as God incarnate and the Kingdom of God as center piece in the gospels. It is argued that if one desires to learn from Jesus’ and his way of relating to people, including paying attention to the Kingdom of God oriented identity of pastoral care and counseling, which includes guiding people towards Jesus himself, it presupposes a simultaneous and parallelistic movement.


Jesus as counselor, Pastoral theology, pastoral care and hermeneutics, practical theology.



Theofilos 2021-1/2

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Published by NLA University College

In partnership with Johannelund School of Theology